Sociological Forum Japan (SOF-J‘soff-jay’) is a space for international academic exchange.  It is designed to share information on academic activities in the areas of sociology and social work in Japan. This forum resonates with the recent global expansion of the range and depth of academic exchange. We here create an academic forum where Japanese scholars and foreign counterparts could freely exchange ideas and academic work.

Some Japanese scholars have succeeded in getting their work recognized throughout the world through submission in foreign books and into international journals.  But this route has so far produced limited results for many.  SOF-J is intended to be an academic platform for those academics who aspire to broaden their scholar exposure and to increase international academic exchange in ways that lead to further collaboration with scholars around the world.

SOF-J will focus on the distribution of Japanese academic work in sociology and social work that is of world-class quality and direct interest to scholars and researchers outside of Japan. The need for this sort of platform became especially evident in the wake of the tsunami and subsequent nuclear power plant explosions in northern Japan on March 11, 2011.  Inquiries for scholarly work on these topics flooded into Japan from around the world.  Some scholars responded individually, however it was evident that we all needed a more institutionalized way to exchange information and analysis beyond the borders of Japan.  An academic portal that regularly dispatches scholarly work to the world will assist us all to regularize academic exchange and to promote future collaboration.

Fittingly, the first entry in our catalogue is a list of academic writings and research activities on the triple disasters in Japan, March 2011.  We plan to expand the entries further to include reports, monographs, and short papers.

Takatoshi IMADA, Ph.D.

Chair, Sociological Committee

Science Council of Japan